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Math-spline studies

No curves
G1 other (better)
G2 (best)

uniform dT = 1
distance dependend (better)
dT = length of the segment (less good)

T11=   T12=
T21=   T22=

Click to add a spline with   .

Help - Info, in french.
Help - Info, in english, translated by Google Traduction

I also did some tests on spline function in : spline_function.html.
I did also a comparison between B-spline and Math-spline : spline_B_curve.html

The video of Freya Holmér on "The continuity of Splines"
More theory .pdf (Fr)  ;  .odt (Fr)  ;  .pdf (En)  ;  .docx (En)

Youtube video in french on this subject.
Shift+click add a new point at the end of the spline.
Ctrl+Shift+click add a new point before the selected point of the spline.

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