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spline function studies

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Click to add a spline with   .

See document for more information.
French version .pdf and .odt
Translated version .pdf and .docx

This is only to test spline functions.
Here, each new point should be placed at the right of the last one, for a function, placing a point to the left of the last point is meaningless.
I let the possibility to do this, but the result is not "smooth".
Theory on spline functions, in french

More has been done in : spline_math_curve.html, where the goal is to generate a "smooth" curve passing through given points in the plane.
The same idea can be used to generate such a curve in 3D space (or spaces of bigger dimensions.

I did also a comparison between B-spline and Math-spline : spline_B_curve.html

Youtube video in french on this subject.
Shift+click add a new point at the end of the spline.
Ctrl+Shift+click add a new point before the selected point of the spline.

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