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Updated : 15.6.2022
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The Swiss Juggling Association is a group whose purposes are :
-  To ensure there is a juggling convention, once a year, somewhere in Switzerland.
-  To promote juggling.

We have a mailing list. For more information, click here.

The purpose of the following pages ( is to give :
-  information about past and future Swiss Juggling Conventions.
-  links to Swiss, European and World Juggling Groups.
-  other Juggling related information.

Our goal is much the same as the European Juggling Association (, the European's main Web page,
and the Juggling Information Service (, the World Juggler's main Web page.

The next Swiss Juggling Convention, will take place saturday the 2nd and sunday the 3rd of July 2022 in Basel, the german part of Switzerland.
It will be a simple festival.

History of the Swiss Juggling Conventions
From there you can access at photos from some past conventions, mainly from jugglers, and sometimes some more information.

Information to help organising a Swiss Juggling Convention
Here you can find information and contacts to help organising a convention, as budgets, newspaper articles about previous conventions, names of jugglers who can help, list of activities which can be done outside of the country site, etc.

List of Juggling Clubs in Switzerland
From there you will get information about most of the juggling clubs in Switzerland. There you can find other web pages about juggling.

Other links and Swiss Juggler's home page
Juggling related links and private Swiss juggler's home page. If you want to be in or removed, please send me a mail.

For Information in french at the european level, see :
The Web page of the French Juggling Association is est :

For Juggling Clubs in the world, see : The juggling edge     or

More information can be send to and received from the Internet juggling news group: news:rec.juggling

Bernard attempts to keep these pages up to date. Remarks or comments are welcome.

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