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Personal web pages :

Ordered by first name : (If you want to be in or removed, please send me a mail.)
Adi Heutshi :  German
Bernard Gisin :  French
Christian Ziegler :
Christophe Mino :  French
Dänu Tschanz :  German
Kaspar : German
Simon Monai : German
Thomas Reich/  Deutsch - english. He is also a Swiss Artist, see Foyks - Fire and Light Art.
Urs Rohrer German
Filibert - Yves Deferne  French. (He is also a Swiss Artist.)

Swiss Juggling Groups web pages :
Arbon Juggling group home page. Maintained by Andreas Ryser : ary AT
Geneva Juggling group home page. Maintained by Bernard Gisin : Bernard Gisin
La Chaux-de-Fonds Juggling group home page.
Juggling groupe at the university of Lausanne.
A groupe in Zürich which developped Programmable, illuminated, colourful juggling balls.

Some Swiss Artists web pages :
Duo Full House : Action-Comedy Duo
They organized the 6th Swiss Juggling Convention in July 1992, in Zürich.
They participated actively at many other swiss and european conventions.
Duo Scacciapensieri
They participated to many Swiss Juggling Conventions Public Shows. Also to many other juggling conventions.
Stage TV
The "Duo Scacciapensieri" (Cornelia Clivio & Lorenz Matter), Romano Carrara and Daniela Lager present a vary high quality show.
A juggler & magician in Geneva, doing shows for kids, galas etc.
Urs Rohrer
For many years Urs Rohrer participated at Swiss Juggling Convention. Since he is very talented, he became to be a professional juggler.
The web page of three Swiss artists. (All in german).
Somme young people from Geneva, comming from the circus "une fois un cirque..." have their own show..
A new groupe in Switzerland.
Kaspar, Comedyjongleur from Switzerland.
Makadam cirque
Simon Monai
Art Of Flames, Feuershow für jedes Event!
The Electric brothers
Mister Kolay (Nikolay Tagantsev), le principal organisateur de la Convention Suisse de Jonglerie 2014, à Lausanne.
Foyk - Fire and LIght Art

Swiss Circuses and Juggling related activities :

List of 76 swiss circuses schools and groupes : (As an Acrobat Reader file) cirques.pdf
Ecole du cirque de Confignon à Genève « Une fois, un cirque…
Jugendzirkus Robinson web page.
"Im Winter 1999 startete das Projekt Jugendzirkus Robinson. Wir, sieben ArtistInnen im Alter von 15 - 18 Jahren, alles ehemalige ArtistInnen des KinderZIRKUS ROBINSON, haben in den vergangenen Monaten eine Art Variete- Programm erarbeitet. Dieses möchten wir über das ganze Jahr hinweg weiter entwickeln. Die einzelnen Nummern können sich verändern, neue Elemente kommen dazu, alles ist möglich ................"
Many links to circus related topics.
Budapest circus web page.
Information in german about swiss artists.
Spiele in der Schweiz.

Some shops :

Jonglerie Contact. À Genève. 23, chemin des clos, 1248 Hermance / Suisse. tél. +41 22 736 70 40.

DracheNäscht. In Bern, Rathausgasse 52, 3011 Bern. Tel. +41 31 311 26 57.

Jugglux. In Winterthur. Steinberggasse 63, 8400 Witerthur. Tel. +41 52 212 29 74.
Und : Wildbachstrasse 7, 8400 Witerthur. Tel. +41 52 508 18 29.

Altaïr : Der Poi und Flow-Tool Shop in der Schweiz.

Jonglerie Diffusion, Mister Babache. À Genève. Distributeur mondial de matériel de jonglerie.

Net Juggler. En France.

Laribouldingue. En France.

Passepasse. En France.

Henry's. In Deutschland.

Wirf & Fang von Benjamin Küttel.

Books :

There are many books about juggling, but the following one is probably the greatest reference :
Jugglin - The past and future by Karl-Heinz Ziethen.

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