Some Juggling games

Description of some juggling games :

For children :
* Limbo juggling.
A rope is held, people have to pass under the rope while juggling. After each round, the rope is held lower.

* Limbo unicycling.
A rope is held, people have to pass under the rope on a unicycle. After each round, the rope is held lower.

* Balance race, guided by a child.
First, jugglers come and balance a club on their nose or chin.
Children come and select the juggler he like most.
The child and juggler have to remain hand in hand.
The juggler must balance the club.
They have to do a racing, hand in hand. The first who arrives win.
If the club fall, the juggler cannot touch it, the child has to put it back on the juggler's face.
If their hands separate, the juggler must come back and let the club fall down.

* Spinning ball endurence.
Spin a ball on a stick hold by a child. The longer the ball hold, the better it is.

* Hula-hoop
First round, lasting long enough with a Hula-hoop.
Second round, touching and making drop a club or an object staing staight on the ground.

With clubs :
* Combat juggling.
Do five combat juggling, to select five winners. Then, only the five winners compete to select the winner.

* 4 or 5 clubs endurance.

With balls :
* Juggle 3 balls or 3 clubs with closed eyes.

* 5 balls endurance.

* Two jugglers 5 balls endurance.
Two jugglers juggling 5 balls, each with one hand, have to stay as long as possible.

* 5 balls endurance on somebody's shoulders.
While being on the shoulders of a partner, juggle 5 balls for as long as possible.

* 3 balls endurance with one hand.

* Joggling or Juggling Jogging.
Running as fast as possible, while juggling.

* Juggling jumping.
Having the two legs attached, juggling 3 balls, jump as fast as possible a certain distance.

With diabolos :
* Diabolo high trow.

Jugging who is the highest is quite arbitrary. Timing the last participants can be more precise.

* Diabolo long distance passing.
It can be done with one or two diabolos. But with one is probably better.

* Diabolo high speed passing.
During one minute, as many passes have to be done with one diabolo.

* Stick precision throw.
Throw the diabolo in the air, then throw the sticks such that the string crosses a rope, and then catch the diabolo with your hands. The rope can be put on the ground or in the air, a few meters from the participants. This game had a big success at the European juggling convention in Hagen in 1994.

* String jumping.
Throw the diabolo, do as many jumps over the diabolo string, and catch the diabolo.

With devil sticks :
* The propeller.

Last as long as possible while doing the propeller with one devil stick. Running or walking under a rope are other options.

With unicycles :
* Limbo unicycling.
A rope is held, people have to pass under the rope on a unicycle. After each round, the rope is held lower.

* Unicycles racing.

* Unicycles combat.

* Unicycles ribbon stealing.
While riding a unicycle, having a ribbon weakly attached to the saddle, try to steal the ribbon of the others, without loosing yours.

Passing :
* Long distance passing.

* High distance passing.
A rope is held higher and higher, while jugglers do passing over it.

* Do 6 clubs passing, and one football passing with your feet.
While doing 6 clubs passing, do as many passes with your feet with one football.

* High speed 6 clubs passing in two counts (shower).
During one minute, try to do as many passes as possible.

* Slow speed 6 clubs passing in two counts (shower).
During one minute, try to do as few passes as possible.

* Volley club.
Like volleyball, but each one has two clubs. One club is juggled passed to a partner and thrown over the net. If one team let one club drop down, it looses one point.

Specials :
* Bounce a ball on your head.
Bounce a ball on your head for as long as possible. If it last too long, change the ball size. It can be a tennis ball or a bigger ball.

* Balance a club under a moving roof.
Try balancing a club on your nose or chin, while a sheet is moving over your had. In a shop, try balancing a club on moving staircase.

* Hold as many clubs as possible.
Friends throw clubs to a juggler who has to catch the clubs and hold as many clubs as possible.

* Juggle 3 (4 or 5) balls and site down exactly after one minute.
Jugglers juggle 3 balls. After a precise starting signal, independently, they have to stop juggling and site down when they estimated that exactly one minute has elapsed since the signal. This is good for children, if there are not too many.

* Catch the biscuit on the nose.
Put a biscuit on your nose, try to through and catch it in your mouth.

* As many people as possible in a hoop.
Put a hoop on the ground, about 70 centimeters in diameter. As many people as possible have to stay in this hoop. Nothing can touch anything outside it. But they can walk on friends feet, or do a pyramid.

* Race with three clubs on the head.
Hold three clubs on your head, as a crown. Then do a race.

* Race with a diabolo on the head.
Hold one diabolo on your head. Then do a race.

* Make the biggest soap buble.

* The banana eating.
This one is very hard. Juggle two balls and one banana. While juggling the tree objects peel the banana and then eat it.

Other inspiration on L'Association Française de Jonglerie.

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