29th Swiss Juggling Convention Resume



As is common for such events, we met in a very nice town, Cevio, in the italian part of Switzerland.
This time, the convention took place later than usual, at the end of September. We had a very big green place, surounded by mountains. We had also a big gym in a school. We could sleep in a bunker or in a camping. The weather was excellent, hot enough during the day, a bit cold during the night.
The public show was again a nice moment with the participation of the circo fortuna, with many young artists.
Sunday, over 100 participants walked in a parade to the center of Cevio for the juggling games. They were well orginised with humor and originality and many kids, we had a great time.
Big thanks to Sabine and Massimiliano and the helpers for this beautiful convention.

Photos of the festival on Dropbox.
Photos of the festival copied on this Web site.

Old announcement of this convention

There was no real business meeting, but some places for the next convention have been proposed.

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