27th Swiss Juggling Convention Resume


Once more jugglers had the opportunity to meet and have a very nice week-end in a town of Switzerland.
The place had a nice grass outside and a big juggling hall. We could sleep in a bunker or in a camping. Outside, we could find two sellers and buy food and drinks.
The weather was excellent. As usuall, the convention was quiet, many people juggled, but others just took a good time.
The public show was as usual a nice moment with many amasing acts.
Big thank you to the organisers for this beautiful convention, very well organised.

Old announcement of this convention

The business meeting at 3 o'clock was announcing the end of the convention.
The location of the next swiss juggling convention will be in Lausanne.

Here some photos of the place and the games on sunday the 9th of June.
im01 im02 im03 im04 im05 im06 im07 im08 im09 im10 im11 im12 im13 im14 im15 im16 im17 im18 im19 im20 im21 im22 im23 im24

Some more images can be found here.

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