2nd Swiss central Juggling Convention in Hitzkirch, Luzern, Switzerland

Information on what happened at this beautiful convention

This 2nd Swiss central Juggling convention will take place :

- From the 19th to the 20th of September 1998.

- In Hitzkirch, a town at 20 km north from Luzern, 30 km south east from Zürich, in the German part of Switzerland.
- In the gymnastics rooms of the town.
- Download a map to find where Hitzkirch is.
  The file is 70'816 bytes big.  31 pixels = 10 km,  50 pixels = 10 miles.
  resolution = 999 x 640 pixels.
  Bern,Lausanne, Zürich, Luzern, Hitzkirch are on the map.
- A map of the town can be Downloaded.
  The file is 14'789 bytes big.  100 meters = 100 pixels.
  resolution = 790 x 714 pixels, Black and White.

- Sleeping possibilities from saturday to sunday will be in a civilian protection building, under the earth.
   But you have to bring your sleeping bag. No mattress needed. The price is 5 Swiss franc the night.
- A camping will exist. You will need your camping material.
- Very few parking places are available, please prefere the train to the car.

- Some food and drinks will be sold at the juggling place.
  Other food will be found near the juggling place in town.

- The paticipation at the festival is free.
- The public show will be held near the juggling place.
- Participants must have their one insurance.

Train table      departur    arrival
- From Luzern :      xx.56      yy.39         (yy = xx+1)
- From Lenzburg : xx.39      yy.17         (yy = xx+1)
To go home :                             departur   arrival
- From Hitzkirch to Luzern :       xx.17        yy.03    (yy = xx+1)
- From Hitzkirch to Lenzburg :  xx.39        yy.20    (yy = xx+1)

See the Swiss train time table (FrenchGermanItalianoEnglish) to have a confirmation.

Saturday 19th of September.
- Welcome the jugglers, begining at 11.00 am.
- Free juggling
- Workshops
- Public show at 20:00 pm.

Sunday 20th of September.
- Free juggling
- Workshops
- Games

Organizers = The Juggling group of Gelfingen-Hitzkirch.

For More Information Contact
Heinz Schmid.
6284 Gelfingen
tel (041) 917'10'68

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