Swiss Juggling Association, documents

The Swiss Juggling Association is a group whose purposes are :
-  To ensure there is a juggling convention, once a year, somewhere in Switzerland.
-  To promote juggling.

Statuten (in German) of the Swiss Juggling Association.

Protokoll (in German) of the business meeting held in Uster in septembre 2016.
Protokoll (in German) of the business meeting held in Frick in septembre 2017.

#  Here are copies of the two pages in german of the "Leitvorstellungen" made by Bruno Saxer in July 1989 to give a direction to the following Swiss Juggling Conventions.
Page 1
Page 2

Contacts :
arrow Maja Ravaioli, Aktuarin/Mailing-List : jongloz AT yahoo . de
arrow Heinz Schmid, Kassier : heinz AT juggling . ch
arrow Fabian Hossli, Vizepräsident : faboloo AT bluewin . ch
arrow Bernard Gisin, Präsident : bernard4 AT juggling . ch

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