Demo05 : Here are some demonstrations of Windows95 programming using Free Pascal

Free pascal is an exellant pascal compiler developped under the GLP licence.
It works on many platforms, such as Linux and Windows.
You can dowload it, without paying, at the URL :
The main page is :

Using Free pascal, I developped over 70 commented examples, and the beginning of an object library. You can download :
- The readme05.txt file, explaining the examples and the library units. (60 Kb)
- The sources of the examples + library. (917 Kb)   (Look also at the little readme.txt with the sources)
- The sources with some executable .exe of the examples + library. (1'427 Kb)
- The sources, some executable and the intermediate files (.ow, .ppw) of the examples + library. (1'939 Kb)

Example tEx065.pp, is a quit big program which plays at minesweeper.

I used DevPascal which is a basic but good Integrated Developpment Environment (IDE) under windows, to write and compile FreePascal programs.
You can downlad it at the URL :
The main page is :

If you have problems with the .ZIP files, or simply want to use the bes file manager under window I know, dowload the shareware Windows Commander at the URL :
For me it replaces so many other utilities at the same time. A button launch bar, an FTP program, many decompacter such as unzip, a file comparaison program, a directory comparaison program, many files viewer (It you download IrfanView and use it with Window Commander addOns) and more. It even dedtected once a virus in a computer where I worked, simply by telling us that the executable file has been modified.

Why did I do that ?

For fun... and because I miss a lot Borland Pascal for windows. I dislike Delphi.

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